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Insurance, HR, and Employee Benefits Solutions

The Business Insurance You Need and The Fortune 500 benefits to your employees will love. Let our experts find the right solutions for you.

Save up to $200k annually through our open market and PEO partnerships

We partner with a variety of different open market and PEOs to ensure the right fit for your budget, technology, and service needs. 
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We Are Licensed Insurance Professionals

Selecting healthcare options for your employees requires expertise from a licensed agent. Work with a HR & insurance expert with 10+ years experience in the industry. We offer all types of business insurance to fit your needs

Offer Employees Fortune 500 Benefits Today!

Whether your  health insurance is from the open market or PEO, our goal is to maximize value for dollar invested into your employees! 


Streamline your payroll taxes, benefits, retirement, EPLI, workers comp, and human resources. 

Fortune 500 Benefits

Access world-class benefits package to attract and retain key employees!

HR Technology

ATS, on-boarding, open enrollment, payroll performance management, and much more!

Save Time & Money

Our clients have seen up to $200k savings!

Audit, Compare, Implement

Our team will collect the documents to audit and shop the perfect PEO & open market solutions for your team. We help you negotiate price, terms, and service offerings through our partners. 


"Few people have the opportunity to work with someone ridiculously creative’ like Steve. Steve efficiently and expertly outsourced the appropriate HR components for my company to accommodate our sudden expansion. I was impressed by Steve’s ability to deal with multiple requests and changes effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among consulting professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him."

Tia Dubuisson, President/Co-Founder

Thinq HR & Insurance Services

Thinq HR & Insurance Services offers clients the best possible protection for all of their insurance needs. We are committed to finding the best insurance options for you.

Steve Taylor has the knowledge to handle everything from the most simple policy to the most complicated package. Contact us to get your rates today.

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