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Roadmap for California Small Group Health Insurance Renewals

We get it, you are busy this time of year. No fluff here, we are getting right into it! Here's the outline for CA based companies with Small Group (1-100) Renewal.

This streamlined guide provides a concise roadmap for HR professionals, ensuring that they're equipped to handle the annual renewal cycle with precision and expertise.

Preliminary Notice

About 60-90 days prior to renewal, your carrier sends out a renewal package. This provides the forthcoming premium rates and any benefit modifications.

Assess Rate Factors

Renewal rates consider the group’s claims history, medical inflation, demographic shifts, and overall carrier risk. Remember, California mandates that rate hikes for small groups are justified and greenlit by state overseers.

Benefit Strategy Review

Using the renewal details, analyze if the current suite of benefits aligns with organizational objectives and employee needs.

Employee Insight Integration

While not always standard, consider surveying your workforce to gauge satisfaction levels and incorporate feedback.

Market Exploration

Dissatisfied with the renewal terms? Explore the market. Engage your broker to scout for competitive quotes, leveraging California's robust insurance market.

Decision Phase - Your Options

  • Accept the renewal.

  • Opt for a different plan from the current carrier.

  • Transition to a new insurer.

  • Reevaluate the viability of offering insurance, always keeping ACA mandates in focus.

Open Enrollment Coordination

Launch the open enrollment window, facilitating employees to enroll, tweak, or opt out.

Seamless Administration

Conclude the enrollment, settle carrier documentation, manage premium payments, and tackle any administrative shifts.

Stay Compliant

Ensure adherence to both California-specific statutes and overarching federal mandates like the ACA.

Ongoing Engagement

Foster clear channels of communication, updating employees about any changes or essential timelines.

Final Thoughts

This was meant to be a brief overview given the time of year, many of our clients are asking our team for quick guides to help them quickly make decisions and navigate their options.

Hope this was helpful!

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