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Insperity: Company & Service Overview

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Who would benefit most from working with Insperity?

Startup with Founding Team

1-10 Employees

Startup to PEO: Insperity does well in the startup market they are the few PEOs that allow you to start with less than 10 employees. So for a virgin group, or founder’s looking to upgrade past the “compliance” stage, then it’s worth taking a look.

Reasons to buy: Assists in building foundational HR tailored to client, Dedicated HR team, scalable service and technology model, benefits administration, 401k, white-glove customer service for admin & employees.

SMB with an HR professional

10-49 Employees

PEO to PEO or Open Market to PEO or PEO to Open Market transition: Insperity is perfect for companies preparing for growth or venture backed, specifically due to the reporting and personalized professional service model.

In the initial sales conversations, we find our clients are overwhelmed by the breadth of services offered. Whether or not you are a SHRM certified HR professional, it is important to compare all the intangibles that Insperity's PEO model offers versus the other PEOs that are 50% of the price for admin.

Many of the new PEOs focus on technology and scalability for their company's shareholders, not yours! Why? Having HR or any professional services in-house gets expensive for PEOs; however, it would be even more expensive for you to hire additional HR staff to cover what Insperity is able to handle. Do you really need more than one HR person under 50 employees? Depends, who on your team has time to create and execute a strategic workforce plan, shop and administer employee benefits, maintain compliance for local, state and federal laws, recruit talent, onboard or offboard employees, run payroll... The list is endless!

Truth is, unless you know the problem it is hard to seek help with HR matters without feeling like a solution is thousands of dollars away! You don't know what you don't know, and companies that see the value in growing a profitable business will truly benefit from a PEO like Insperity that focuses on proactive HR, which is a lost art in this PEO market!

If you are considering Insperity, and are shocked at the pricing model compared to other PEOs, it is important you understand why they can keep such a high rate. One other note worth mention, is their sales team is compensated on retention, most PEOs sales people are not concerned about the longevity of your relationship with their company. Quite often our team's sales partner at Insperity have 5 to 10 years of experience. This absolutely enhances our ability to evaluate if Insperity is a viable options for your company over the next few years, versus running to save a few thousand year after year.

Reasons to buy: Technology Platform streamlines HR, IT, and finance operations. Custom reporting makes it easy to leverage employee data points for workforce planning. Multiple insurance options allow for customized employee experience and creates consistent insurance renewals year over year. HR guidance live or onsite to support shaping company culture, compliance training, and enrolling in employee benefits.

If you have a limited human resource department and feel you need administrative support, then Insperity's model is amazing. Unlike the trendy new PEO models focusing on technology and lower admin fees, Insperity provides phenomenal HR support.

Quickly Scaling company with 2+ in HR Department

50+ Employees

PEO to PEO or Open Market to PEO or PEO to Open Market: At 50 employees, the value of Insperity does stand; however, it is time to consider a long term insurance strategy. Why? Depending on the company's HQ state, your group may be ready to move to a large group plan on the open market or through level-funded plans. Employee benefits are priced differently for large groups versus PEO or small group ACA plans. How? Carriers for large group plans look at your employee demographics, premiums vs claims, and even what services or prescriptions are being used by your employees on the census provided.

In order to shop level-funded or large group plans against a PEO, you need access to an experienced insurance broker who understands the the PEO model. If you are or plan on being a large group in the next 18 months, benchmarking the PEOs to both large group fully insured and level funded plans directly with the carriers is extremely important.

A perk of being on a large group plan are the insights on claims for your group. A savvy broker will access your group's claims data and create a specific cost sharing strategy that allows the employer to correctly assist the carrier in pricing your group. Helping the three parities: employer, broker, and carrier avoid high renewals and properly manage rising insurance costs!

Reasons to Buy: Technology Platform streamlines HR, IT, and finance operations. Custom reporting makes it easy to leverage employee data points for workforce planning. Multiple insurance options allow for customized employee experience and creates consistent insurance renewals year over year. HR guidance live or onsite to support shaping company culture, compliance training, and enrolling in employee benefits.

How does Insperity deliver their services?

Technology Platform

HRIS Integrations/ APIs: Insperity's HRIS platform is very user friendly with an intuitive employee interface. Insperity has an App Shop with over 500+ integrations already prebuilt. The integrations cover a variety of services from HR, Finance, and IT. This solution is perfect for companies with a remote workforce.

HR Services

Admin Support: If you are an employer or account administrator, you will have access to a dedicated HR support team for your account. They typically assign you a main point of contact and connect you directly to a specialist if the issue requires special attention like a bonus check allocation or how to report a workers compensation claim. They are available via email, chat, or phone.

Employee Support: As an employee, you can expect assistance with locating your benefits contacts, accessing your 401k, questions on a technical issue with the platform, or even a walk through of how to select your health plans. Most employees call in because they are troubleshooting a simple problem or familiarizing themselves with the platform.

How does Insperity price their solutions?

Admin Pricing

Insperity prices their PEO and HR service platforms on a percentage of payroll calculation aimed at a specific annual fee. Insperity is customizable and you may not need all of their products; however, that does not impact pricing. The billing model can be difficult for a novice to forecast cost by knowing the cost per user. We recommend you loop in your broker or trusted company finance team to review the billing model and use your gross payroll as the variable to total cost.

Some PEO models charge a per employee per month (PEPM) or percentage of payroll. Our clients and many customers find the percentage of payroll confusing. Insperity prides itself on offering transparent billing, and once understood can be the MOST transparent billing in the PEO industry.


Insperity does offer benefits through their PEO and they also allow you to carve out certain benefits. In this case you will need to assign a broker of record to manage your plans. Insperity partners with third party providers and carriers so you can offer: health insurance, 401(k), commuter, and more. UHC is the carrier most of our clients end up using on this platform, we find their plan designs flexible and comprehensive for a myriad of employee needs. It is best to schedule time with your assigned benefits advisor as soon as 3 to 6 months prior to renewal for best renewal process.

Workers Compensation

You can get your Workers Compensation through Insperity or simply keep it with your current broker as a Workers Comp carve out. Insperity allows you to have a pay-as-you-go workers compensation payment each pay period versus the traditional quarterly or annual audit most companies use.

How to get a quote for Insperity's services?

Work with Broker

A good broker will manage quoting process, negotiate best terms and pricing, and assist in the collection of RFP documents. A great advisor will know which options to share with you, because they understand your business. Some brokers don’t understand PEO because It’s complicated and includes a ton of knowledge around how payroll and tax payments work so be sure to work with someone knowledgeable.

Anytime you are considering coming off a PEO, please ensure your broker has a plan for how you will administer benefits on your preferred HRIS/ payroll provider. Neglecting this important component will create an administrative nightmare.

Direct to Company

Great if you know exactly what you want and understand how to financially engineer a PEO’s total offering from WC, fed + state payroll tax, retirement funds, employee benefits, HRIS software billing, and much more. Our clients attempting to manage multiple PEO quotes or comparisons to the open market do find it difficult to compare apples to apples.


Insperity stands on it's own pedestal in today's PEO market, and although not the cheapest solution Insperity is a great option to consider. You can find out more about Insperity on their website at

If you would like us to help you compare Insperity to other providers schedule some time on our calendar here prior to reaching out to the company directly for a sales call. This allows us to manage your sales process and negotiate terms on your behalf through our broker channel partnership with Insperity and each PEO we work with.

We typically save our clients between 50 and 70 hours while finding the best companies and services specific to their needs.

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